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Director's Message

Welcome to GIM!

GIM is one of an elite band of educational institutions worldwide that is Board–managed, faculty driven and alumni inspired. What this implies for all stakeholders (program participants, alumni, faculty, corporates, management/investors and society-at- large) is that in thought, word and deed, GIM continually stays relevant and anticipates changing stakeholder needs.

GIM does not have students - but program participants. This reflects GIM’s belief that learning styles are diverse and that all learning is best sustained with active involvement by the participant and not just by passive lecturing. It also reflects GIM’s belief that every act of teaching is also simultaneously an act of learning, and faculty learn as much in the process of teaching as does the participant.

For GIM’s program participants therefore-irrespective of whether they are cadet or practising managers, academicians or researchers, they have an assurance that they will experience a process that will enrich them meaningfully and sustainably. Our design thinking approach ensures that at the end of the program they possess not just current tools and techniques, but, more importantly, the ability to learn on their own as they proceed to translate precept to practice.

For our faculty, there is the opportunity to grow professionally and make their own mark in the transformation of society. There is an ambience of academic achievement and rigour and the thrill of collaborating with some of the best minds not only in GIM but also across our collaborating institutions.

We realise that administrative staff play a vital role in our development and growth. Not only are they the silent and usually unsung actors on the backstage, they play a very important role as force multipliers for faculty. We care for their well-being and have in place a structured development plan for them as well.

For those organisations that absorb our alumni, there is the comfort that the new recruit is one who has a 360 degree understanding of his/her role and the realisation that they are not just ‘customers’ who have just bought a ‘product’ but that they have actually entered into a partnership with an institution that goes beyond individuals but is yet nurtured by individual action.

GIM believes that institutions which create, deliver or distribute value in society have a seminal role to play in societal debate and transformation and is so poised to do so. The mechanisms through which this role is delivered may vary from time to time. Historically, the first mission of educational institutions has been distribution (of knowledge previously produced; teaching) which then expanded to production (of new knowledge; research). Today society worldwide expects universities to adopt the third mission which is to accept the challenge of innovation in application of knowledge.

This challenge forces universities to take an entrepreneurial turn. This can be done in two main ways – academic entrepreneurship leading to monetisation of knowledge and research findings and secondly, through entrepreneurial education. GIM has adopted both approaches and is working actively to create and facilitate the creation of new ventures in the profit-making and social action spheres.

We invite you to join us in our endeavours so that we can together work to build a more meaningful and inclusive future for all humanity.

Ajit Parulekar