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Educate, Engage, Empower

Goa institute of Management strongly believes in the power of 3 E´s- Educating, Engaging and Empowering individuals. The various executive programs are tailored to impart knowledge to the individuals, engage them by enhancing their skill set and thereby empower them to manage and lead organizations successfully. GIM offers various open and customized programs for working professionals which are either of long duration or short duration. We also offer various in-company programs based on the specific requests from the client. All the programs are developed to meet in the needs of the executives who have the drive to lead innovations, be the champions of change and have the passion for solving complex business challenges. Led and facilitated by experienced faculty at GIM who provide breakthrough research-driveninsights and current industry-led best practices which enable the organizations to be better poised for future growth.

Importance of MDP for Corporates and Business Firms

The Management development programs at Goa Institute of Management provide intense and transformative learning experience designed to fit the constraints of seasoned mid-career executives. The programs will equip the participants with the various critical capabilities to succeed in an ever-changing global business environment.The different programs are designed to create value for participants from a diverse background. The participants diversity in such open programs contribute significantly to cross learning and provides a platform to network beyond their own organization.The various programs have been developed by keeping in mind the various value propositions that each executive brings along with himself. The courses try to leverage on the experience of the participants, and are completely alligned with the latest developments in the industry. The programs focus on experience sharing and help an individual to gain an overall perspective for making critical decisions integrating their functional knowledge and general management aprroaches.